Wondering how it works? It's easy!

The most difficult part is opening the package. The rest is simple! :-)

První krok skládání spočívá v přehnutí předřezaných dílků podle čár nanesených na grafický papír

Fold pre-cut pieces of paper

Další etapa je lepení modelu pomocí lepidla a štětce

Match numbers and glue edges together

Modely Medvěd a Panda v rukou modelek

Then voilà! Display your creation

Paper that comes to life in your home

Bring your interior to life in a unique way! You too are original and can be artistic. Build a one of a kind design accessory for your home. It's quite simple, everyone can do it!

About us

Our vision is to provide a unique experience to create your interior accessories that express your individuality in any room. We made 3D foldable paper models user-friendly, so everyone is able to assemble easily. Multiple levels of difficulty allow users from any age and any stage.

PaperTime Classic

Kreativní sada pro skládání pejska z papíru


Guard, pet or companion? Whatever your dog is for you. If you think it is too much trouble to take care of one, no worries, you can create your own tidy pet.

Skládačka ve tvaru slona z kartónu


These beautiful creatures are known to be so heavy. With PaperTime you can create your own lightweight elephant.

Hlava jednorozce, kterou si děti mohou poskládat samy z papíru


This unicorn will bring a unique atmosphere to any space. Folding can be fun for the entire family and it is easy for every age and every stage.

Black unicorn

The matte black luxury paper makes the black unicorn an elegant design accessory for any interior.

Vystřihovanka z papíru s motivem dinosaura T-Rex


These prehistoric creatures roamed the earth long before we did. If you feel like you missed out, recreate the extinct T-Rex.


Coming soon...

Everything you need is included

Pre-cut colored papers, glue, brush and instruction manual to assist with folding.

Otevřená krabice s obsahem balení: díly, návod, štětec, lepidlo

Still wondering if you can do it?

Here at PaperTime, simplicity is key. We have designed the 3D paper models just for you and your kids. Folding paper decoration is easy and fun for the entire family. Develop your or your children's creativity. The result will be worth it!


We have piqued your curiosity and you would like to know more…

From time to time we will share what is new in the world of creativity!

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